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弱点The blind side英文影评

• My comments on The blind side "The blind side" describes a true story of an American football star - Michael • Oher , which talks about his growing up and working hard from the bottom of the society before he became famous.

Watching this film, I was deeply touched by Michael's growth experience. Michael was an orphan since his childhood, having suffered lots of bitterness.

It’s hard to imagine how to keep an optimistic attitude for a boy grew up in such a bad situation. And it’s also difficult to imagine he finally became so successful as a famous sports star. I think this story is educational, it teaches us that everyone shouldn’t give up the pursuit of dream at any time. The blind side is not just a film about the rich white help the poor blacks out of poverty, although what the whole movie presents is just like this, easily making audiences be prejudiced by preconceived ideas. But during the process of film viewing, this feeling is not too strong. I think there’re two reasons. Firstly, people are usually moved by the black hero’s working hard. Secondly, the enthusiasm shows by the Tuohy family is much over than simple sympathy.

Despite of different skin colors, Michael gradually builds a closer relationship than general family with Leigh Anne Tuohy and other family members. This is because when the Tuohy family help Michael, the young boy also bring them what they never realize that has been lost. The family seems to have all the success and joys in the world. In fact, only when Michael appears, can they enjoy the real success and happiness. Michael is just like the last piece of the beautiful puzzle, completing the whole picture. I must say, this film has a good name——The Blind Side. We can learn from it that only if we find out the blind spots, and know how to help others, can we change each other, even our own lives. As long as there are dreams, if you work hard, everyone can succeed. This time, director Hancock tells us what is the power of a dream by using a sports theme.




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扇子是一种用来拨动空气以使人感到凉快的工具。中国扇文化有着深厚的文化底蕴,它与竹文化、佛教文化有着密切关系。自古以来,中国就有“制扇王国”之称。扇子的主要材料包括竹、木、纸等。扇子造型优美,构造精致,经能工巧匠精心制作而成。文人墨客常在上面题诗作画,使其具有很高的艺术价值。在古代,扇子还是权力的象征。中国扇子还流传到其他一些国家,并对那里的文化产生了一定的影响。 参考译文:A fan is an implement used to stir airflow to make people feel cool. Chinese fan culture has deep cultural deposits and it has a close relationship with bamboo culture and Buddhist culture. Since ancient times, China has had the name of “the kingdom of making fans”. The main materials of fans include bamboo, wood, paper, etc. Fans have appealing designs and delicate structures, and are made elaborately by skilful craftsmen. Men of literature and writing often write poems and create paintings on them, making them have very high art values. In ancient times, the fan was also the symbol of power. Chinese fans have also spread into many other countries and exerted a certain influence on the culture there.


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参考译文:The ideal of rural life reflected in the art and literature is a key characteristic of Chinese civilization. To a large extent, it is attributed to Taoism’s emotions at nature. There are two most preferred themes in Chinese traditional paintings, one of which is various happy scenes in family life, often with the elderly playing chess or drinking tea, men plowing or

harvesting, women weaving cloth or sewing clothes, and kids playing outdoors in the

paintings. The other is all sorts of pleasure in rural life, with fishermen fishing in the lake, farmers cutting firewood or collecting medical herbs in the mountains, or scholars reciting poems or painting pictures sitting under pine trees in the paintings. The two themes respectively represent life ideals of Confucianism and Taoism.


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参考译文:As one of the main birth places of Oriental martial arts, China has the unique

"martial culture" in the world. Chinese martial arts, also known as Kung Fu, is an important component of Chinese culture, a major part of Chinese national sport, as well as a way for Chinese people to build their bodies and defend themselves over the past thousands of years. In the past, the influence of Chinese martial arts could be felt only in books or performances. Nowadays, the influence has found expression in some movies and television programs, so that it is reaching a much wider audience. As a result, Chinese martial arts have spread beyond China’s borders and captured the wide attention of the people around the world.


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参考译文:More and more Chinese young people are gaining interest in tourism, which is a new trend recently. The rising number of young tourists can be attributed to their rapidly{therealblind英语作文}.

increasing income and the curiosity of exploring the outside world. With the increase of traveling, young people spend less time in big cities and famous scenic spots, instead they are more attracted by remote locations. Some even choose long-distance backpacking trip. A recent survey shows that many young people want to experience different culture, enrich knowledge and expand their horizon via traveling.


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参考译文:A growing number of Chinese Internet users have discovered the joy of online shopping. The China Internet Network Information Center(CNNIC) announced that more than 87 million Chinese made purchase on the Internet in the first half year, which means one out of four Chinese netizens have online shopping experience. Most online shoppers are students and white-collar workers aged 18 to 30 with a monthly income of 1,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan. Women shop online more than men do. Clothing and home-use products are the most popular goods bought online. It is predicted that the trend of online shopping will grow rather than drop in the future. This reveals the strong development momentum of China 's economy.


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参考译文:How significant is a person's life? Is there any standard to measure? It It will be very difficult to put forward an absolute standard but in general the significance of one's existence can be estimated by how he treats his life, by what attitude he takes to work and what ways he chooses to live. From ancient times up to now all the accomplished people treat their lives very seriously. They work and learn as much as possible. They hate to spend the best of their lives in vain and they do not want to let their time slip by. All the laboring people, great statesmen and thinkers of our country at all ages treasure their time in this way.


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参考译文:China will make an effort to ensure that employees receive an average of 13.3 years’ education by 2015. If the goal is to be achieved, most people entering the labor market must obtain a university diploma in future. In the next few years, China will take great pains to increase the enrolments of vocational colleges; apart from paying attention to higher education, China will also look for new breakthroughs to ensure more equality in the education system. China is striving to optimize educational resources so that rural and

underdeveloped areas will gain more support. The Ministry of Education has also decided to improve the nutrition of students in underdeveloped areas and provide equal opportunities for the children of migrant workers to receive education in cities.


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Write a summary of about 150 words.


by Debbie Dean

In the distant past, many people thought bats had

magical powers, but times have changed. Today, many people believe that bats are rodents, that they cannot see, and that they are more likely than other animals to carry rabies. All of these beliefs are mistaken. Bats are not rodents, are not blind, and are no more likely than dogs and cats to transmit rabies. Bats, in fact, are among the least understood and least appreciated of animals.

Bats are not rodents with wings, contrary to popular belief. Like all rodents, bats are mammals, but they have a skeleton similar to the human skeleton. The bones in bat wings are much like those in arms and the human hand, with a thumb and four fingers. In bats, the bones of the arms and the four fingers of the hands are very long. This bone structure helps support the web of skin that stretches from the body to the ends of the fingers to form wings.


Unit 1-3 高职英语课文及翻译

Unit 1 Text A College—A Transition Point in My Life

1 When I first entered college as a freshman, I was afraid that I was not able to do well in my

studies. I was afraid of being off by myself, away from my family for the first time. Here I


was surrounded by people I did not know and who did not know me. I would have to make friends

with them and perhaps also compete with them for grades in courses I would take. Were they

smarter than I was? Could I keep up with them? Would they accept me?

2 I soon learned that my life was now up to me. I had to set a study program if I wanted to{therealblind英语作文}.

succeed in my courses. I had to regulate the time I spent studying and the time I spent

socializing. I had to decide when to go to bed, when and what to eat, when and what to drink,

and with whom to be friendly. These questions I had to answer for myself.

3 At first, life was a bit difficult. I made mistakes in how I used my time. I spent too much time

making friends. I also made some mistakes in how I chose my first friends in college.

4 Shortly, however, I had my life under control. I managed to go to class on time, do my first

assignments and hand them in, and pass my first exams with fairly good grades. In addition, I

made a few friends with whom I felt comfortable and with whom I could share my fears. I set

up a routine that was really my own — a routine that met my needs.

5 As a result, I began to look upon myself from a different perspective. I began to see

myself as a person responsible for myself and responsible for my friends and family. It felt good{therealblind英语作文}.

to make my own decisions and see those decisions turn out to be wise ones. I guess that this is

all part of what people call “growing up.”

6 What did life have in store for me? At that stage in my life, I really was not certain where

I would ultimately go in life and what I would do with the years ahead of me. But I knew

that I would be able to handle what was ahead because I had successfully jumped this important

hurdle in my life: I had made the transition from a person dependent on my family for emotional

support to a person who was responsible for myself.























Unit 2 Text A He Helped the Blind

1 Blind and wanting to read — those were the realities of Louis Braille’s life. The desire to

read easily led to the Braille system. January 4 is Braille Day. That day honors the blind. But

we should also remember Louis and what he achieved by age 15.

2 Louis Braille was born on January 4, 1809, in France. He lived with his parents, two older

sisters, and one older brother in a small, stone house in Coupvray.


3 Three-year-old Louis went to his father’s workshop. Louis’s father was a saddle maker who

made items out of leather. Imitating his father, Louis tried to cut a piece of leather with a small

knife. His hand slipped, and the point of the knife went into his eye. The doctors took care of

him the best they could, but the injured eye got infected. Then the infection spread to his good eye.

Louis became blind.

4 Louis went to a public school and learned by listening to the teacher. To do his homework, his

sister and a friend read the assignments to him. Soon Louis was at the top of his class.

5 One day, the pastor of Louis’s church came to Louis’s house and told his parents of a school

for the blind in Paris. Louis’s parents decided to send him to the school when he was nine years


6 Louis wanted very much to read. The school had only 14 books for blind people; the books

were big and heavy. The letters were large and raised; one book took a long time to read. Louis

thought there must be a better way to read.

7 When Louis was 12, Charles Barbier, a French Army officer, came to the school. Barbier

developed an alphabet code used by army soldiers. The code was used to deliver messages to the

soldiers at night. It was made up of dots and dashes. It kept the messages secret even if the

enemy would see them, but the code was too complicated for the blind. Louis thought the code

was slow and the dashes took up too much space. Only one or two sentences fit on a page.

8 Over the next three years, Louis worked to simplify the code. On a vacation at home, Louis,

age 15, picked up a blunt awl. Aha! An idea came to him. He made the alphabet using only six

dots. Different dots were raised for different letters. Later, he made a system for numbers and


9 Today, Braille is in nearly every language around the world. Louis Braille, at age 15, changed

the lives of blind people when he created the six-dot Braille system. It is fitting that January 4,

Louis’s birthday, is considered Braille Day, in honor of the blind.














一天,教会的牧师来到路易家,告诉他的父母, 巴黎有一所盲童学校。路易的父母决定












Unit 3 Text A Thanks, Mom, for All You Have Done

1 We tend to get caught up in everyday business and concerns and forget some of the things

that are most important. Too few of us stop and take the time to say “thank you” to our mothers.

2 With a letter to my mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day, I’m going to take a minute

to reflect. Feel free to use any of this in greeting your own mother on Sunday, May 10. Happy

Mother’s Day to all.

Dear Mom,

3 This letter, I know, is long past due. I know you’ll forgive the tardiness, you always do.

4 There are so many reasons to say thank you, it’s hard to begin. I’ll always remember

you were there when you were needed.

5 When I was a child, as happens with young boys, there were cuts and bumps and

scrapes that always felt better when tended by you.

6 You kept me on the straight path, one I think I still walk.

7 There was nothing quite so humbling as standing outside my elementary school

classroom and seeing you come walking down the hall. You were working at the school and I

often managed to get sent outside class for something. Your chiding was gentle, but right to the


8 I also remember that even after I grew bigger than you, you weren’t afraid to remind

me who was in charge. For that I thank you.

9 You did all the things that mothers do — the laundry, the cooking and cleaning — all

without complaint or objection. But you were never too busy to help with a problem, or just

give a hand.

10 You let me learn the basics in the kitchen, and during the time I was on my own it

kept me from going hungry.

11 You taught by example and for that I am grateful. I can see how much easier

it is with my own daughter to be the best model I can be. You did that for me.

12 Your children are grown now, your grandchildren, almost. You can look back

with pride now and know you can rest. As mothers are judged, you stand with the best.

13 God bless you, Mom.



们的母亲说一声“谢谢你” 。























英语作文on blind date show

On blind-date show

Do you have such a feeling same as me that whenever you turn on the TV ,you can see the blind-date shows playing on so many television stations. We even can say that the blind-date shows just like the flood.

Why these shows turn up in our life so rapidly? And there are a great deal of faithful fans. In my view,two main reasons contribute to this phenomenon. Firstly,there is a serious imbalance in sex ratio. More and more people remain single but they have already got official age for marriage. And then they want to look for she or he by this way. Secondly,the blind-date show is humorous and novel. So many people from the teenagers to the old are attracted deeply. With the audience rating rising,more and more television stations imitate the blind-date shows.

I don’t like to watch this kind of show. As

far as I’m concerned,most of these guests invited in the shows are not in order to looking for their friends but for becoming famous.This apparently is what will be the reason for their success this time around...if you believe the hype. Last but not least,some guests just pay more attention to the appearance which make them hypocritical.




I. Write an outline. (20 points)

Read the following passage carefully and compose a “sentence outline” for it.

Styles of Dress as Reflections of Social Conditions

Something that becomes very apparent when we study the topic of fashion is that clothes and style are related to so much more than merely an individual’s appearance. For thousands of years, fashion and style have been primary indicators about a person’s social status, sexuality, wealth, individuality, and overall personality attributes.

In the 20th century alone, each decade has been marked by distinctly different manners for dress for both men and women. Our Halloween tradition exemplifies this very clearly with “costumes” such as a 1920’s “flapper girl” and the 1960’s “hippie.” With deeper consideration, however, these differing fashion styles can be viewed as representative of the related social conditions occurring at the time.

As stated by Pasacoe, “The fashion of the 1920’s reflected the Jazz Age perfectly. It was made for fast automobiles and Charlestondance. For the first time in western fashion the knee was socially acceptable.” Although there are many theories regarding what causes fashion to change, the fact that social climate is reflected in styles of dress has a great deal of support. Perhaps the reason why so much change occurred in women’s dress in the early decades of the century is that so many changes occurred regarding women’s roles and fights within that same time frame.

Another decade in which fashion was strongly indicative of the underlying social conditions is the turbulent 1960’s. One of the most noted developments accredited to this decade is the introduction of the miniskirt. Many social historians relate the introduction of the miniskirt to the introduction of the birth control pill. Women became sexually liberated and the “free love” era began. These miniskirts came to symbolize the new liberation for women and the ssocial climate of the decade. As stated in Vogue at the end of the decade, “The length of your skirt is how you feel this moment.”

Towards the end of the 1960's, younger generations were rejecting the establishment and rejecting the idea of high fashion along with it. Students wore long hair, faded denim jeans, and flamboyant patterns. Many wore combat jackets and surplus shirts to anti-war rallies. As Hoeymaker stated, “By the end of the decade, cheap, flamboyant clothes became expensive designer labels. The hippie style became high fashion; in fact ‘anti-fashion’ became the biggest fashion of all.” In this case, clothes became a form of protest.

Overall, there are countless examples of how fashion is influenced by the social climate of the times. Over the past thousands of years, the socially “appropriate” styles of dress for men and women have varied tremendously. Regardless of what exactly constituted“stylish” fashion during any given time period, one thing that remains constant is that fashion has always been a significant aspect of one's life and the time in which they lived.

II. Supply the missing paragraph. (20 points)

The following passage is incomplete with one body paragraph missing. Study the passage carefully and write the missing paragraph in about 100 words. Make sure that your tone and diction are in unity with the passage provided.

Say No to Blind Optimism

“Is the glass half full or half empty?" This question is often asked to determine whether someone

is an optimist or a pessimist. In my view, even though we need to see the glass half full, we cannot deny the fact that the glass is also half empty. Having a healthy proportion of expectations makes us more realistic. Blind optimism, however, may foster delusions, result in frustrations and spoil relationships.

We all long for accomplishments, but sometimes we overstress the positive outcome of our effort and waste our time with glori ous plans that will never work. We indulge ourselves in delusions and impractical dreams. We fail to see that blind optimism only gives us false promises and clouds our sense of judgment. Ambition without clear directions cannot lead to a victorious experience. We need to understand that wishful thinking and delusions won’t work.

______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Balanced optimism helps us to develop healthy relationships whereas blind optimism destroys them. One of the reasons for short-lived friendships is that we tend to expect too much of our friends. However, they may not always live up to our expectations. This gives rise to disappointment and misunderstanding. Friendships or relationships consequently turn sour. Some relationships may be seriously affected, with all parties experiencing much pain. A more realistic outlook helps us to understand human limitations, show more consideration for others and prevent excess expectations. To sum up, blind optimism does more harm than good and should be discarded. Saying no to blind optimism means we can fly but we fly with the safest bet, with the parachute, so that we don’t drop hard. It proves our ability to accept weaknesses and strive for the best. It gives us second options in our lives and alleviates the pains and disappointments that life imposes on us. This holistic attitude, accepting both positive and negative sides, will make us stronger and more mature. After all, a lotus is a beautiful flower that blossoms out of the mud.

IlI. Compose an essay. (60 points)

Some people enjoy playing sports individually while others love to play in groups. Which do you prefer? Write a 300-word expository essay stating your reasons.



The person I love/ admire most


1. No less than 90 points by Pigai.

2. No less than 26o words.

3. Deadline Nov. 3.

作文号:357928 教师:邵春 字数:260~500 满分:100



For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Attitude by commenting on the famous saying, “A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm .” You should write at least 260 words but no more than 500 words.

作文号:357929 教师:邵春 字数:100~500 满分:100


The person I love/ admire most

Everyone has someone in his heart that he admires most, who may be a scientist, a writer, a musician or a movie super star. But,as for me,the most admirable person of mine is Christian Ronaldo, who is one of the greatest football player in today's world. Ronaldo was born in 1985, He was played for the Manchester united and now plays for real Madrid, when he was 18 years old he became a main force of Portugal national team. As for the world’s most brilliant super football stars, he not only has a handsome appearance, also has a special skill and efficient scoring ability. However, this is not reason why I admire him, the really point let me be his fans is his gratitude feelings and persistence of perseverance.

Ronaldo is a tender feelings man under his tough appearance,the most important things he teach me is that we should gratitude everyone who ever helped us, When he was 18,of which playing for Manchester united,even though he has unparalleled football talent,he was always neither well with team cooperation, nor handle for his applause and criticism. At this time, the Manchester united coach Sir Alex ferguson give most patient guidance to him. Latter, When Ronaldo every time honored, he always expresses his gratitude to Alex ferguson.“He is just like my father and friend!”

Moreover, another point he inspired me is his persistence for his persuit. From a youth to the leader of the national football team, Ronaldo is always to spare no effort to devote his time and energy, and as for the life of football. He is always the first came to the training ground, the last to leave. Now, he is nearly thirty years old, but he still keep the highest level on the field.

In sum, it is my general description about Christian Ronaldo above, I learn to be an gratitude person with strong mind from he. no pains, no gains. Only when you work hard, you can come true your dream. These lessons exercise a great influence on my life. Ronaldo, thank you so much for not only giving interest of football to me but also teaching me how to be a good person. Recently, the New Year's golden ball players will reveal, Ronaldo remains at the top, all is own to his gratitude mentality and unremitting persistence, and I will continue to give my greatest respect, Hala Madrid!

The person I admire most

Everyone has someone in his heart that he admires most, who may be a scientist, a writer, a musician or a movie super star. But, as for me, the most admirable person of mine is my dearest mother. My mother is an ordinary woman. She is not very beautiful and a little heavy as well as me. But sometimes, you will think she is very kind and enthusiastic. Although she doesn’t have high education, she is very capable. She is excellent in social contact and bargaining. She loves me and my brother, tries to give us the comfortable surroundings to study and live in. She is a sensible person, but she can’t stand someone screwing the number of my family over. No one in the world loves you more than your mother. While she gave me life, she takes me as her concern. She devotes her whole life to the family. I learn to be an optimistic person with strong mind from my mother. She also teaches me that no pains, no gains. Only when you work hard, you can come true your dream. These lessons exercise a great influence on my life.Although my mother is an ordinary person, she is still the person that I admire most. Mom, thank you so much for not only giving birth to me but also teaching me how to be a good person. No matter what will be in the future, I will always love you.



It is said “A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm!”,we can known how altitude play a important role to our success. A person who even though take a extraordinary talent, he will hard to get outstanding achievement without a good altitude to his work or study.

These are two causes why a positive altitude is so significant to our career,on the one hand, we can build a strong confidence from a good mental state facing unpredictable challenges,in turn, which will unleash your

unlimited enthusiasm to push you to devote time and energy to your work. Beethoven, who is the greatest composer and pianist in the history of music,who also is a blind man at the same time,even if so, he was optimistic in the facing of life, come over all blocks we can not image with a strong determination ,and finally compose the many wonderful music . On the other hand, as the saying goes, “Failure is the mother of success”, but I think it better to say,”Failure will always around you without a good attitude!”,there is no doubt that it is be so difficult for us to succeed. When I was third grade in primary school, it was very popular for us learning play the guitar, Before that, I have had some music knowledge due to study for a year, for which , I don't have to go to learn to play guitar with a good altitude, of course, in the end, those who had not studied or without any basis students learn better than me under the positive and careful study. So it is a enthusiastic attitude that make their life full of music and make goal has been achieved.

In sum, which the factors of success dominated by altitude after all ? Confidence, optimistic, courage or all above ? Perhaps,it is not necessary for us to discuss the answer to it, because someone have adjust a good altitude to facing their life,stress and work ,when you are consider this question.




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